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29 Palms Personal and Professional Development LibGuide 2021: Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard General Information

The Commanding General's Welcome Aboard Brief provides everything you need to know about life aboard MCAGCC. You will learn about different activities and services available on base and the surrounding communities. Per Marine Corps order 1754.10A Military Personnel in grades of E-1 through E-6, O-1 through O-2, and WO-1 must attend Mandatory Settling in Services at Contiguous United States locations. All others are HIGHLY encouraged to attend. We normally have two sessions. One for single service members and one for service members and their families. Due to COVID-19 the General's Welcome Aboard requirement is being meet through electronic means. Please see New Join Letter to ensure you have meet this requirement.

The face to face briefs have an information fair where you learn more details about each program. Those services are on the below tabs and have electronic information that will help you better understand their program that also include COVID-19 information pertaining to their program. To learn more about the Personal and Professional Development branch which includes: Education Center, Career Resource Office, Library Program, Family Member Employment Assistance, Personal Financial Management, and Information & Referral Services please access their tabs above.

Any questions please contact Tamara Harrison the Information and Referral with Relocation Services Manager at or call 760-830-6344.  (Telework number: 760-422-5338)

Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs (NREA)

Families Overcoming Under Stress (FOCUS)

Red Cross

Volunteer Coordinator

New Parent Support

Single Marine Program (SMP)


Family Advocacy (FAP)


Expectional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Sexual Assult Prevention & Response (SAPR)