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Event Notifications

Education Center Workshops

Contact the Education Center for further details, and dates at 760-830-6881.

Military Academic Skills Program

Contact the Education Center for further details, and dates at 760-830-6881

FAFSA Workshop

Contact the Education Center for further details, and dates at 760-830-6881


PPD Branch Organizational Chart


PPD Branch Organizational Chart

Contact the Education Center for further details, and dates at 760-830-6881.

College 101 for Spouses

Contact the Education Center for further details, and dates at 760-830-6881.

Lifelong Learning Center

Unit Education Officers, click here for more information!


Erin Keeran - - (Education Services Officer)

Marcus Lalanne – -  (Advisor)

Donald Burton – - (Advisor)

Gabby Moreno -  - (Advisor)

Brittany Rising - - (Advisor)

Jasper Key – - (Technician, LSP Advisor)

Andrew C. Wilson - - (Technician, Testing Coordinator)

Tuition Assistance

To enable your Tuition Assistance for Marine Corps TA, please attend a Zoom TA Brief (listed below) or contact the Education Center to schedule your TA Brief (760.830.6881).



College 101 (AKA Tuition Assistance) Brief: Mondays @ 3:00 PM, in-person at the Education Center

GI Bill Workshop: Wednesdays @ 1:00 PM, in-person at the Education Center

College 101 (AKA Tuition Assistance) Brief: Thursdays @ 11:00 AM, via Zoom

(^Click the link above for the zoom brief^)

Meeting ID: 857 8254 0349                Password: TA

Questions? Call the Education Center at 760-830-6881

College 101 (AKA Tuition Assistance) Brief:  Fridays @ 1:00 PM, in-person at the Education Center

FAFSA Fridays 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. in-person at the Education Center


GI Bill information

The Education Center provides a GI Bill brief specific to the service member upon request.

GI Bill Activation webpage: How to Apply for GI Bill

Federal Aid / Scholarships / Other Funding Information

CLEP and DSST information

Leadership Scholar Program

Rent or buy textbooks

Additional Learning


Columbia University launched the Center for Veteran Transition and Integration to have a direct and lasting impact on the issue of veteran transition and upward mobility by creating and providing access to the best-in-class tools and programming veterans need as they transition from active service to college and the workforce.

Website URL:

Morongo Unified School District offers certification programs at no charge to the learner, and these certifications are career technical programs for their students and adult learners. These programs are available on varying campuses, part of the MUSD. I've listed the programs below, which include the campus, their respective fliers, and the link to the CTE Offerings


CTE Offering Link:


Classes offered through Morongo Unified School District to

High School Students & Adults


911 Communications Dispatcher (ACCE East)*~

Private Security Guard (ACCE East)*~

Criminal Justice (TPHS & YVHS)#

Early Childhood Development (TPHS)#

Culinary Arts & Management (TPHS & YVHS)#

Pharmacy Technician (ACCE West)*~

Medical Assistant (TPHS)*#

Registered Dental Assistant (TPHS)*~

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ACCE East)*~

Cyber Security (ACCE East)*~

Building & Construction Trades (TPHS)#

Woodworking Occupations (BRHS) #

Furniture & Cabinet Manufacturing (BRHS)#


* Offered to adults (Must complete a background check)

~ Offered to all high school students

# Offered only to high school students from same campus





The Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) is a no-cost remedial skills program (mathematics and English) that allows Marines, sailors, and adult family members an opportunity to RE-LEARN certain academic skills in preparation for college admission and academic placement testing.  It is also used to prepare Marines who wish to retake the ASVAB/AFCT military

classification exam, particularly those who wish to "lat move" into a different MOS (e.g. counter-intel).


MASP is a month-long course that is held at the Education Center, bldg. 1530, 6th Street.  Copper Mountain College (CMC) professors teach remedial math (0730-1130) and English (1300-1600) M-F throughout the month.  Some register for ONLY the morning math section; others register for ONLY the English component.  Some register to take both math and English, so they spend the entire day with us!  Whatever works for you and your Marine(s) is GTG with us.

Should you have any questions or wish for one (or more) of your Marines to enroll, feel free to call the CMC staff listed in the flier.  You may also feel free to stop and visit them in building 1530, Room 209 (2nd Deck).


You will undoubtedly find something of interest among the more than 100 free courses available on the Harvard University website, browser the latest courses:


Social Sciences

Art and Design



Health and Science

And many more!


Follow this link to brows the list of courses

The CDL (Commercial Diver's License) School is a SkillBridge approved course, and an informational brief is available online for further details. Schedule a brief.

*Does not imply USMC endorsement


The Comptroller, Business Operation section, offers Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Lean Six Sigma (LSS), courses.  Note:  There is no training fee associated with the course.

Our training provides an understanding of the process and the tools necessary to recognize areas for tremendous improvement in order to eliminate problems, remove waste, improve efficiency, and working conditions.

Yellow Belt (YB), 1-Day In-Person Class:  Our YB course provides awareness of CPI combined with LSS concepts that improve the workplace by identifying waste and non-value added tasks. The instructor will teach a concept and then re-enforce it through a hands on training scenario.  In addition to this, this course will prepare the student to participate on process improvement events.

Green Belt (GB) Training, 5-Day Course, In-Person Class:  Our GB course expands upon the CPI/LSS concepts introduced in the YB training.  This course introduces the student to several new CPI tools utilizing the same methodology of teaching and practical application through a scenario.  This course will prepare employees to facilitate process improvement events and projects utilizing the Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control (DMAIC), problem-solving framework. 

GB prerequisite: Complete Yellow Belt Training through our program or submit supporting documentation to our office.

All active or reserve military and all Department of Defense civilian employees are eligible to attend.  Note:  Course not available for contractors or families.  Active and reserve military must have one year from EAS to qualify for the LSS GB course. 

To access the course schedule and registration go to MAGTFTC, MCAGCC SharePoint, Continuous Process Improvement (  To enroll email you may also contact Amber Provost Haney at or phone (760) 830-3685.

Lean Six Sigma Schedule 2024:

Yellow Belt            9 - Jan -24   to    9 - Jan - 24

Yellow Belt            13 - Mar - 24  to    13 - Mar - 24

Yellow Belt            10 - Apr - 24    to     10 - Apr – 24

Yellow Belt            8 - May - 24    to     8 - May - 24

Green Belt Week 1      13 - May - 24      to    17 - May - 24

Yellow Belt            12 - Jun - 24    to   12 - Jun - 24

Yellow Belt           17 - Jul - 24     to   17 - Jul - 24

Yellow Belt           14 - Aug - 24    to   14 - Aug – 24

Yellow Belt           11 - Sep - 24    to   11 - Sep - 24

Research schools!

Regional Accrediting OrganizationsRegional accrediting commissions are among the oldest accrediting organizations in the country. The United States is divided into six accreditation regions: New England, Middle States, North Central, Southern, Western and Northwest. Seven accrediting commissions operate in these regions. All regional accrediting commissions review entire institutions, as opposed to programs or schools within institutions.

Regional Accreditations

Testing and tutoring information


Marine Corps COOL

COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Marine Corps Service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs. Use COOL to get background information on credentialing and find detailed information on:

  • Credentials related to a Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
  • Credential requirements and potential gaps between Marine Corps training and civilian workforce credentialing requirements
  • Resources available to fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing requirements
  • How to get a COOL-funded voucher to pay for the credential exam and maintenance fees

Spend a little time getting acquainted with COOL and credentialing using the Main Menu at the top of the page, and then dive into your occupation-specific information using the Go to: or Navigator options at the top-right of every page.

Welcome to Marine Corps Credentialing ... - Navy › usmc


Other Resources for College Students